can display your offers automatically.
We use two tools from where we can grab your postings. We suggest you to use both, most important is Twitter though.
The Facebook postings can not be differentiated by country. We will just show your complete feed from your Facebook page.
Send us an email with your Facebook page link if you want us to post your feed.
Please note, that only travel agencies and companies can run their facebook feeds.
We don’t promise to run your feed, we will review it before we decide if your page qualifies for our content.
Facebook offers a Twitter tool, that if you post on facebook, it automatically gets posted on Twitter too. You only sign up once to Twitter and all gets posted automatically. If you use our Twitter tags, your Facebook posting will be shown on our site via Twitter.
It is very easy to connect your Twitter account to facebook, just click this link:
For any further question, send us an email to: info (at)
With Twitter we are able to sort your postings by countries.
Twitter is for free and simple to use, register HERE.
If your posting is about an offer from a certain country, you have to use a hashtag, followed by the country domain extension and kitetravelcom. E.g. for Brazil: #brkitetravelcom
If your posting is about an offer including flights, you can add the hashtag of the country of origin and destination.
E.g. a package with a flight from Germany to Brazil: #dekitetravelcom #brkitetravelcom
The list of countries that are already available can be seen in the dropdown of the Twitter section: 
Please send us an email if you want us to add a new country not on the list yet: info (at)
Belize    #bzkitetravelcom
Brazil     #brkitetravelcom
Cape Verde     #vckitetravelcom
Colombia     #cokitetravelcom
Dominican Republic     #dokitetravelcom
Egypt     #egkitetravelcom
Fiji     #fjkitetravelcom
France     #frkitetravelcom
Germany     #dekitetravelcom
Greece     #grkitetravelcom
Grenada    #gdkitetravelcom
Italy     #itkitetravelcom
Kenya     #kekitetravelcom
Mexico     #mxkitetravelcom
Montenegro     #mekitetravelcom
Morocco     #makitetravelcom
Namibia     #nakitetravelcom
Panama     #pakitetravelcom
Peru    #pekitetravelcom
Philippines     #phkitetravelcom
Russia    #rukitetravelcom
South Africa     #zakitetravelcom
Spain     #eskitetravelcom
Sri Lanka     #lkkitetravelcom
St Vincent & The Grenadines     #vckitetravelcom
St Martin     #sxkitetravelcom
Tansania     #tzkitetravelcom
Thailand     #thkitetravelcom
USA      #uskitetravelcom
Venezuela     #vekitetravelcom
Vietnam     #vnkitetravelcom